I’m interesting; I swear

Hello!  My name is Claire and that handsome guy next to me is, Zachary.
Claire and ZackI am a clumsy, nice, slightly anxious, thoughtful lady with very animated facial expressions.  Zachary is a true guitar playing southern gentleman who is annoyingly talented at everything.  It’s like, “Hey, Zack!  I can draw a cartoon cat!”  Then I turn around to see a detailed drawing of a falcon soaring over the Santa Cruz mountains in almost 3D detail that he completed in less than 10 minutes….while he wrote a new song and built a custom storage box out of pallet boxes.  I’m over here like, I can cook…sometimes.  For the sake of not sounding too self-deprecating, I have achieved some pretty hard tasks like passing the introductory level of the CMS (Court of Master Sommeliers) and moving to another state with almost no money.  I am one of those, “She could be doing so much more” people who must explain to wealthy restaurant patrons why I’m not pursuing law or marketing.  In a nutshell, I like being a server, talking about food and wine, and traveling.  Working in a restaurant allows me to do the last two whenever I fucking want.  So I’m happy to be the “disappointment”  so-to-speak.  Do I feel like one?  HELL NO!  This brings me to the point of this whole internet/blog adventure.  Happiness, contentment, serenity; these are all things that I believe heavily rely on perspective.  I’m here to tell you, fellow food and wine lover, that you can do whatever the fuck you want with your life.  It took me 25 years to realize this simple lesson and what it really means. It means I don’t have to sit in an office to have success.  It means I don’t have to make six-figures to be worthy and it definitely means I don’t have to have a fucking thigh gap.  This realization was the beginning of a very serious addiction to finding out more about the things I THOUGHT I knew.  So come along, fellow happy minimum wage worker and discover some cool shit with me!